[odb-users] Feature request

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Apr 15 12:59:47 EDT 2016

Hi Marcel,

Marcel Nehring <mne at qosmotec.com> writes:

> I saw that there are already variables defined holding the name of database tables
> odb::access::object_traits_impl< ::MyClass, id_oracle >::table_name
> Would it be possible to make them accessible to the user of ODB?

You already can as odb::object_traits<MyClass>::table_name (it derives
from *_impl). While it is not documented, you can rely on it, I don't
think we will already call it anything else or remove it.

> A similar problem arises if I need to manually specify to load only a
> specific level of a polymorphic object. Currently I use a query condition on
> the typeid_ member of ODBs query class. But I have to provide the class name
> manually as string, which is error prone and does not include any compile
> time checks. If I could write something like
> db.query<MyClass>(odb::query<MyClass>::typeid_ == MyClass);
> or similar this would avoid possible runtime errors as well.

Again, I believe you can already access it like this:



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