[odb-users] SQLite writing during select

Andrew Cunningham odb at a-cunningham.com
Wed Apr 6 16:16:20 EDT 2016

I am doing some performance tuning (profiling opening a 9GB file) and I am
confused as to why appears SQLite is writing to the database while
essentially I am reading the database file while  loading a
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<> >

Any insights would be helpful.

  odb-sqlite-2.4-vc12.dll!winWrite(sqlite3_file * id, const void * pBuf,
int amt, __int64 offset) Line 36373    C
     odb-sqlite-2.4-vc12.dll!vdbeSorterListToPMA(SortSubtask * pTask,
SorterList * pList) Line 80821    C
     odb-sqlite-2.4-vc12.dll!vdbeSorterFlushPMA(VdbeSorter * pSorter) Line
80961    C
>    odb-sqlite-2.4-vc12.dll!sqlite3VdbeExec(Vdbe * p) Line 76730    C
     odb-sqlite-2.4-vc12.dll!sqlite3Step(Vdbe * p) Line 70730    C
     odb-sqlite-2.4-vc12.dll!sqlite3_step(sqlite3_stmt * pStmt) Line

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