[odb-users] Nested vector

Zeyang Tao zeyangtao1020 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 21:43:53 EST 2015


Recently we had a slowness issue in ODB, the thing is ODB doesn't support
nested vector, i.e vector of vector, so in order to store that kind of data
structure, we have to use the following hacky way,

struct node{
int x, y;
double value;

class parameter{
vector<node> cnt;

basically the cnt is a matrix and we use x and y as the index, each single
node will be a record in the sub table, sometimes the matrix is large and
one update will write N^2 records to the subtable, plus this update is very
frequent, so we saw 2-3 seconds delay constantly

I wonder if ODB has some features to optimize this or do you have some
suggestions ?



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