[odb-users] _cache_persist not called

Konstantin Tarovik konstantin.tarovik at ab-soft.net
Mon Jun 8 11:17:09 EDT 2015

Hi Boris,

Looks like the problem arises when I use smart pointers (i.e. #pragma db 
object(Conversation) pointer(std::shared_ptr) ). Is there a way to use 
smart pointers but still receive notifications?

Thank you.

On 6/5/15 7:51 PM, Boris Kolpackov wrote:
> Hi Konstantin,
> Konstantin Tarovik <konstantin.tarovik at ab-soft.net> writes:
>> I have an issue with implementing custom session and receiving
>> notifications. The problem is that I receive _cache_insert,
>> _cache_find and _cache_erase calls but _cache_persist is never
>> called even though a lot of objects are stored to DB.
> Take a look at the common/session/custom test in odb-tests. It
> implements a custom session, including _cache_persist(). See if
> you can spot what you are doing differently, if anything.
> If that doesn't help, then I would need a test case that I
> can debug myself. Without it I would be just guessing.
> Boris

Best regards,
Konstantin Tarovik


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