[odb-users] Performance and another question

Andrew Cunningham andrew at a-cunningham.com
Mon Jun 1 17:41:10 EDT 2015

I am evaluating ODB as a replacement for an 'abandon-ware' commercial OODB.

I have a question regarding performance that other ODB users might be able
to help with

 If we were looking for the best performance when working with lots of data
for a single user ( single process/multiple threads) on a Windows
workstation what would you suggest as the best SQL DB option ( i.e. SQLIte
vs MySQL vs. Postgres etc)

Obviously I think that most people would suggest SQLite as you are writing
‘in process’ with no external communication to a server process. However,
when working with our existing OODB vendor we got much suprisingly better
performance from using a 'local' server vs. ‘in-process” as the server
process could perform disk operations without blocking the client process.
The server client communication was over shared memory not network sockets
when both were on a local machine.

One more question: What would people recommend for modeling a ‘graph’ as a
persistent data type in odb. I use boost::graph  currently. I am trying to
think of a way to do it in ODB is not too awfully slow/clumsy/messy. Just
wondering if it has been done before.


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