[odb-users] using the odb command when one of the c files is generated by makefile

Teererai Marange selection989 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 08:34:15 EDT 2015

I have implemented a version of bfs which will run on multiple abstractions
of a given search space. Due to the number of abstractions, the size of a
state changes depending on the level of abstraction used and so I have
created a class that outputs a c file describing a given state space after
abstraction. The generation of this c file is part of the compilation
process and I would like to be able to persist a class which is an
extension of this search space. When running the program in the absence of
database persistance I simply use the -include $< directive with g++ to
make it as if there is a #include directive at the start of my class file,
thus making it compile as intended while, not limiting the file to a
specific name. My question is whether it is possible to do the same when I
use the odb command. As an example my odb command would look like this:

odb -d mysql --generate-query --generate-schema person.hxx -include leg.hxx

So that I could use it say like

odb -d mysal --generate-query --generate-schema person.hxx -include $<

where $< is the first dependancy and so is not a fixed file.


Teererai Marange
Ph: 021521987

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