[odb-users] libodb with cmake

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Feb 19 09:55:08 EST 2015

Hi Alex,

Alex Beimler <alex-beimler at web.de> writes:

> Is there a Full Support of cmake for libodb, libodb-sqlite, libodb-...
> I mean not the odb-Compiler (already solved this Problem) or the
> FindPackage-Modul.

Ok, you mean building the ODB runtimes with CMake. No, there is
no such support and I have no immediate plans to implement it
(really don't like CMake).

But if someone is prepared to implement this and maintain it
afterwards, then I can consider adding them to the package.

In fact, the VC++ projects/solutions and the autotools-based
build system are all automatically generated by the 'build',
our own make-based development build system. Nothing will
prevent us from doing the same for CMake. So the main effort
will be to come up with the initial implementation.


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