[odb-users] Instantation of odb::result<my_type> e.g. odb::query<my_type> fails

Markus Klemm markus at markusklemm.net
Mon Aug 24 09:49:52 EDT 2015

You're right, solved it afters day, minutes befors you replied. Is there a general rule, when to use the q and e flag?

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> Am 24.08.2015 um 15:45 schrieb Boris Kolpackov <boris at codesynthesis.com>:
> Hi Markus,
> Markus Klemm <markus at markusklemm.net> writes:
>> Of course I odb-compiled the overview_record.h with `odb.exe --database 
>> mssql overview_record.h` (otherwise there won't be an .hxx). But I get
>> the following compiler errors by the line `db->query<overview_record>();`,
>> although instantiating a default constructed result<overview_record> works:
> I am pretty sure you are getting this error because you haven't
> enabled query support when running the ODB compiler (-q option).
> Boris

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