[odb-users] Error when adding --profile qt

Versteden2 Versteden2 at upcmail.nl
Fri Aug 7 06:24:05 EDT 2015


I have a working project.
ow I want to make a change to use QString for strings instead of

For this i added --profile qt to the odb compilation command. Now i get
an error:

taskmanager.cpp:60:36: error: no matching function for call to

on the code:

int TaskManager::LoadTasks()
  typedef odb::query<task> query;
  typedef odb::result<task> result;

  odb::result< task > r;
    int index;
    transaction t (db->begin ());

    result r (db->query<task> ());
    qDebug() << "Number of rows fetched (1) " << r.size(); 
    index = 0;
    for (result::iterator i (r.begin ()); i != r.end (); ++i, index++)
      qDebug() << "Filling data, index = " << index;
      shared_ptr<task> p (i.load ()); <<<< Got an error on this line..
      _tasks[p->get_id()] = p;

    t.commit ();
    qDebug() << "Number of rows fetched (2)" << _tasks.size(); 
    return _tasks.size();

Can anyone tel me what i am doing wrong?

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