[odb-users] Issue on OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)

Adnan RIHAN axel50397 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 12:05:39 EST 2014

Hi David,

On 26 novembre 2014 at 16:47:34, David Sarrut (david.sarrut at creatis.insa-lyon.fr(mailto:david.sarrut at creatis.insa-lyon.fr)) wrote:

> PS: Boris : it is not clear for me what you suggested. Do you suggest I install odb executable with brew, but the lib odb and libodb-sqlite by recompiling source from the package from the web site : http://www.codesynthesis.com/download/odb/2.3/libodb-2.3.0.tar.gz
Few weeks ago, I had many compilation/linking issues concerning odb/libodb* with and without brew packages. I had to reinstall 10.9 because apparently there was a problem with the combination “odb/libodb + brew + Yosemite”. Now on Mavericks, I don’t have linking issues anymore.

So yes, he’s advising you to install odb from brew package (because it works and takes care of installing gcc and dependencies to compile odb) but I’m still on some tests for libodb* . You should uninstall libodb from brew (brew uninstall libodb libodb-sqlite) and reintall them from scratch by hand. If you have linking issues, it would be another problem.

BTW, just for me, are you using clang or gcc to compile your app and libodb? If you don’t know, tell me about your IDE.
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