[odb-users] How do I make a lookup (database->load<classname>(std::string_identifier)) case insensetive?

Rafal Gm grasmanek94 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 03:25:39 EST 2014


I have a class for my users, but one user found a bug when joining with the
same nickname but other case:

User and user.

Now my application detects this user has no account, while he should
because "User" exists.

if my class is as follow:

#pragma db object
class user
   const std::string& nickname() const {return nickname_;}
    friend class odb::access;
#pragma db unique id index
    std::string nickname_;
    user() {}
    user(std::string inickname) : nickname_("")

how do I make the load<user>("nicKnAmE"); case insensetive?

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