[odb-users] design questions: c++ / python / sqlite

MM finjulhich at gmail.com
Thu May 15 09:29:06 EDT 2014


I currently have a C++ application with a number of objects ( plain structs
with primitive types, classes with the 2 types of polymorphism mentioned in
the odb manual, smart pointers (std and boost), containers std and
boost::containers ) and I need to store all these objects in sqlite.

Part of the application is code in python as well that would read/write the
sqlite db with the native python sqlite package.

The members of my classes change occasionally, so I would use the schema
evolution feature of generating the tables from the odb compiler.

Typically, the python code can read/write a number of the above classes.

The question is general in itself: What should the order of things be?

1. Step by step addition of odb pragmas to the C++ code to generate the sql
2. Use of these tables from python, perhaps through some c++/python adapter
like swig or some layer like that?

I am looking really for general thoughts rather than specifics here.



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