[odb-users] Build libodbc-qt on OSX with Qt5.2.1

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Sun May 11 00:01:47 EDT 2014

Hi Adnan,

Adnan RIHAN <axel50397 at gmail.com> writes:
> It’s not really hard to do, but do you think I can send a feature
> request to codesynthesis to add an option —with-qtdir= (which expects
> the clang_64 dir) and/or make it use the $QTDIR env variable?

The code already passes all the necessary options (i.e., -framework)
to make everything work by default in the "normal" situation. And by
normal I mean the compiler can find the Qt framework without any
extra -F options.

In your case you have installed the framework or the compiler, or
both (or there is something else broken, who knows) so that things
are not found by default. It is easy to take care by passing the -F
option and adding a special configure option just for this situation
and just for OS X (the whole framework stuff is OS X-specific) doesn't
seem like a good idea to me.


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