[odb-users] Constructing native queries without a where clause fails (sqlite)

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Mar 18 04:29:14 EDT 2014

Hi Feisal,

Feisal Ahmad <feisal.ahmad at ps-tech.com> writes:

> By the way, the reason I asked about printing the query is that
> statement tracing didn't show the final statement as an exception is
> thrown already. I found the clause function going through the source
> code, but I couldn't find the point where the full query is put
> together (specifically I was interested in the list of columns of
> the SELECT).

Yes, the exception is thrown during the statement preparation which
is not traced by odb::stderr_tracer. But you can create your own
tracer implementation that would show statement preparations.
See Section 3.13, "Tracing SQL Statement Execution" in the ODB


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