[odb-users] dates and times in sqlite3

MM finjulhich at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 05:19:50 EDT 2014

Hi, I create a sqlite database through ODB in the C++ world. I use the
boost::date_time library.

By default, *date* converts to extended iso string like so  YYYY-MM-DD,

and *time_duration* converts to HH:MM:SS.fffffffff were fff is fractional
seconds that are only included if non-zero.

For both, the default column type is TEXT.

1. for date, is this compatible with the default pysqlite3 converter for
datetime.date ?

2. Is there a pysqlite3 default converter for datetime.time?  not
If so, is it compatible with the time_duration string format above?
If not, how do I assign a converter for this database for datetime.time?


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