[odb-users] sqlite schema evolution and unsupported drop column

MM finjulhich at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 08:03:43 EDT 2014


I have now a setup where i specify the version of my schema that matches my
svn commit version.
I have made a change to the object model and it resulted in a sql change.

On running odb to update the changelog and the new sql file (single), I get
this error:

1>EXEC : error : SQLite does not support dropping of columns
1>  info: first dropped column is 'days_before_fnd' in table 'cfmarkets'
1>  info: could have perform logical drop if the column allowed NULL values

The columns that are dropped have at the moment INTEGER 0.

Looking at the changelog, it hasn't been changed at all due to the failure
of the odb compiler run.

How do I go about making changes and keep the changelog and everything else
in sync?


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