[odb-users] Special Schema.

Bruce Cresanta cresanta at me.com
Wed Jul 23 07:04:18 EDT 2014

Hi Boris,

	Going through the whole documentation and haven’t uncovered the tools yet to achieve what I want to achieve, that’s why I asked the question.   I only want to use 1 auto-id on the master side per iteration of 12M into the detail.   I can’t burn up 12M auto-id’s per iteration.   I’ll get back in touch when I have a couple classes.


On Jul 23, 2014, at 12:02 AM, Boris Kolpackov <boris at codesynthesis.com> wrote:

> Hi Bruce,
> Bruce Cresanta <cresanta at me.com> writes:
>> I need a master and detail related in one (master) to many (detail). The
>> master should have auto-id, but the detail will not have a primary key. I
>> need to write 12M objects to the detail at a time.  I want it to be indexed
>> with a BTREE on Date and related to a date/time in master.  How to achieve
>> this?
> From this description I have a very vague idea of what you trying to
> achieve. Also, you didn't say what you have tried/what doesn't work.
> It is possible in ODB to have an object without id. Also the index
> definition pragmas are pretty flexible. So what's the problem?
> Boris

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