[odb-users] PostgreSQL BIGINT Storage Value

Mike Ruffing mike.ruffing at ipconfigure.com
Wed Jul 2 09:53:02 EDT 2014


Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

ODB: 2.3.0

PostgreSQL: 9.3

I am using a custom mapping that converts a posix_time::ptime and posix_time::time_duration to a long long.  The long long value is mapped to PosgreSQL's BIGINT type.  Using print statements I verified I am getting the correct conversion values (long long) in the "set_image" and "set_value" methods.  However the values stored in the PostgreSQL database do not match.  Monitoring the PostgreSQL log files I verified the incorrect values (representation) are being inserted into the database.  Since "set_value" is getting the correct "long long" value I'm guessing that the values stored in the database are related to the original value.  Could this be a bit shift or endianness issue?  Note: I am not seeing this issue using SQLite.

Here is an example of the converted value ("set_image") and final value (via pgsql log) inserted into the database:

1404308405507732     -7757826360135056384


Mike Ruffing

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