[odb-users] Generate C++ classes from a DB

Andrew Hoffmeyer andy.hoffmeyer at turnkeycorrections.com
Wed Jan 29 12:17:10 EST 2014


All of your concerns are certainly valid, and I wasn't trying to suggest 
that an implementation for odb would be trivial.  Supporting only MySQL 
for my purposes alone was far from trivial, and it's far from being a 
finished product, although it does everything I need it to do at the 
moment.  Data types could be based on a standard set, and customized 
with a map file.  Naming conventions are always a point of contention, 
and there is obviously no one-size-fits-all answer.  I'd love to have an 
in-depth discussion about this, and start working on something tangible 
that would be of benefit to the odb community.  Perhaps that would be a 
subject for a new thread of discussion on this list.

On 1/29/2014 10:06 AM, Boris Kolpackov wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Andrew Hoffmeyer <andy.hoffmeyer at turnkeycorrections.com> writes:
>> I'm not bragging, but rather illustrating that it's not impossible,
>> or even difficult to do, if you have a little motivation and some
>> spare time.
> Not to detract from your achievement, but doing so to satisfy
> requirements of a single application (or even a single company)
> is a lot easier than to create a general-purpose implementation.
> For starters, you only need to support MySQL while we have 5
> databases. You also probably have a fixed set of data types
> that you map to while we will have to make it customizable (Qt
> types, Boost types, etc). Then there is the naming convention
> that should be used in the generated code. Etc. etc.
> Boris

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