[odb-users] ODB compiler ignore instruction

Erez GB erezgb at walla.com
Wed Feb 19 09:48:08 EST 2014

<div dir='rtl'><p dir="ltr"><br>Hi,</p><p dir="ltr"><br></p><p dir="ltr">I am looking for a way to instruct the ODB compiler to ignore a section of the source code,</p><p dir="ltr">how can I achive that ?</p><p dir="ltr"><br></p><p dir="ltr">Thank you,</p><p dir="ltr">Erez.</p></div><hr><div style="background-color:white;color:black;">Walla! Mail - <a href="http://www.walla.com" style="color:blue">Get your free unlimited mail today</a></div> 

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