[odb-users] person.sql

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Sep 30 04:02:54 EDT 2013


dd <durga.disc at gmail.com> writes:

>  I am trying compile hello world example for sqlite.
>  odb -d sqlite --genrate-query person.hxx
>  I tried to generate person.sql with above command. It didn't create. How
>  to create?

You need to pass the --generate-schema (or -s, for short) option.
Also, for SQLite, by default, the schema creation statements are
embedded into the generated C++ code. If you want the schema to
be generated as standalone .sql file, then you will also need to
pass the '--schema-format sql' option.

BTW, all this is covered in the ODB compiler command line manual 
(man pages):



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