[odb-users] Dynamic Database usage for scripting?

Rafal Gm grasmanek94 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 11:57:21 EDT 2013

I would like to bind a scripting language to my application and somehow
expose the ODB features.
But this means that the script would only have a static database (because
the ODB compiler generates a .cpp and .h) file.

How would I design a class that at the same time works with odb and can be
used to provide enough dynamic-ality (sorry bad english) for a scripting
language? What's compiled is compiled and can't be changed. and a script
can always be reloaded, For example the script could use it's own colums
which are not in the C++ compiled code. So the big question is.. is this
even possible with ODB? ODB is really powerfull and if I could mary it.. I
would hehe. And I understand there are limits, but maybe? I have some hope
this is possible and if not then no need to waste my time trying to do that

Thanks in advance for your time and responses!

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