[odb-users] C++11 with clang on OSX 10.8

Philipp Maluta fil.the.ensoreus at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 08:17:58 EDT 2013

Thank you,Boris.
At a time I rolled back to C++98 and it works.So, the problem discarded now and if there will necessary to switch to C++11, I'll check up your advices.

Надіслано з iPhone

3 сент. 2013 о 14:36 Boris Kolpackov <boris at codesynthesis.com> написав(ла):

> Hi Philipp,
> Philipp Maluta <fil.the.ensoreus at gmail.com> writes:
>> Ok, I built all the libs with the flags you mentioned.
> You mean you built libodb and libodb-sqlite as static libraries, right?
>> Still I have linker errors about absent symbols
> All the missing symbols have std::string in their signatures, so it
> has to do with a different standard library "seen" when building
> libodb-sqlite and your application.
> Also, I assume you made sure that Clang actually works with these
> options (--std=c++11 --stdlib=libc++) e.g., by building other
> programs or a test?
>> Maybe the cmake file helps to find any clue.
> Try to build a test executable manually, from the command line. For
> instance, try to build the 'hello' example from the odb-examples
> package like this:
> odb -d sqlite -q --std=c++11 person.hxx
> clang++ --std=c++11 --stdlib=libc++ -c person-odb.cxx
> clang++ --std=c++11 --stdlib=libc++ -DDATABASE_MYSQL -c driver.cxx
> clang++ --std=c++11 --stdlib=libc++ -o driver driver.o person-odb.o -lodb-sqlite -lodb
> Boris

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