[odb-users] how to use ODB for hight performance

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed May 22 21:58:15 EDT 2013

Hi Herzl,

In the future please keep your replies CC'ed to the odb-users mailing
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Herzl Shmuelian / Brilltech Int. <hshmuelian at brilltech.com> writes:
> 1) I check in wireshark and for each persistence (statement mysql cliet
> send a tcp paket and wait reponse)
> if exist option   to send some statement together in a tcp packet?

Not in ODB. MySQL allows you to execute several statements at once
and it is possible (I don't know for certain) that in this case MySQL
will send them in a single packet. However, I am pretty sure this
feature is incompatible with prepared statements, which ODB uses
throughout. In fact, I believe using prepared statements is a bigger
advantage compared to multiple statement execution.


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