[odb-users] Building odb-tests-2.2.0 on Mac with gcc-4.8.0: make errors

skh skh1002 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 01:09:17 EDT 2013

	Hi Boris,

I have just checked and yes, there is file
/build/common/definition/time-mapping-odb.hxx and it does define
	template <> class access::composite_value_traits< ::timeval, id_sqlite >

The struct image_type is, indeed, defined inside.

However, what I also found out is that the file
/build/common/definition/test-odb.hxx, which is quoted in the error
message references composite_value_traits< ::timeval, id_sqlite >, but
does not #include ³time-mapping-odb.hxx². I¹ve just manually included this
file into test-orb.hxx (in the mentioned build location) and guess what,
make does not complain now.

I don¹t really know why ³time-mapping-odb.hxx² seems to get included in
your builds and not in mine. I probably would not be able to hunt this

I ran make check and all tests but one pass. The threads test fails with
message ³database operation timeout² repeated many times and another one
in between: ³timeout1: cannot start a transaction within a transaction².
When I compiled some of the packages, I vaguely remember that there was a
warning message that sqlite3 library (the system one on Mac) was compiled
without some concurrency option and that would limit multi-thread
capabilities. I don¹t know if this may be the reason of failed test. Do
you have any idea of the possible reason? Today I don¹t have time to
investigate this any more. Maybe, I will tinker with it a little bit

	Take care,

On 11-05-13 1:40 p, "Boris Kolpackov" <boris at codesynthesis.com> wrote:

>skh <skh1002 at gmail.com> writes:
>> 	./test-odb.hxx:109:7: error: Œimage_type¹ in Œclass
>> 		odb::access::composite_value_traits<timeval, (odb::database_id)1u>¹
>> 		does not name a type
>> 	composite_value_traits< ::timeval, id_sqlite >::image_type time_value;
>That's very strange. This test works just fine for me.
>The composite_value_traits<timeval, id_sqlite> specialization should be
>defined by the generated time-mapping-odb.hxx file. Can you check that
>this file is in fact generated and that it defines this specialization
>which in turn defines the image_type struct?

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