[odb-users] Retrieve data from function with native view

Tarik BENZ tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr
Fri Jun 14 06:59:10 EDT 2013


I have a sql server function that returns this :

RETURNS @eligibleElementsTable TABLE
    ([participantCode] varchar(20),
    [lastName] varchar(512),
    [firstName] varchar(512),
    [subAccountCode] varchar(20),
    [participantTypeCode] varchar(20),
    [periodTypeCode] varchar(20),
    [value] float,
    [radiationTypeCode] varchar(20),
    [radiationTypeDescription] varchar(512),
    [componentTypeCode] varchar(20),
    [componentTypeDescription] varchar(512),
    [delayMax] int,
    [reset] int,
    [periodPreparationTime] int,
    [accountCode] varchar(20),
    [serviceCode] varchar(20))

And to call this function I have a native view :

#pragma db view query("select * from GetElements(?)")
struct Preparation_View
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string participantCode;
    odb::nullable<std::string> lastName;
    odb::nullable<std::string> firstName;
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string subAccountCode;
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string participantTypeCode;
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string periodTypeCode;
    float value;
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string radiationTypeCode;
    std::string radiationTypeDescription;
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string componentTypeCode;
    std::string componentTypeDescription;
    odb::nullable<int> delayMax;
    int reset;
    odb::nullable<int> periodPreparationTime;
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string accountCode;
    #pragma db type ("VARCHAR(20)")
    std::string serviceCode;

My problem is that it doesn't work because the query 
returns null when it should return something.
Someone has an idea on what I am doing wrong?


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