[odb-users] Building on Debian (testing/jessie)

Adrian Imboden adrian at adi-ware.ch
Wed Jun 12 13:31:59 EDT 2013

Sorry that i respond so late. Didn't got time until now.

It works great!

What would be the recommended way to contribute code? That was my 
primary reason to use the git repo at first.


On 02.06.2013 17:18, Boris Kolpackov wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> Adrian Imboden<adrian at adi-ware.ch>  writes:
>> I found out about odb because of the very interesting C++Now presentation.
> I am glad you liked it!
>> When I want to build odb compiler, I get this output:
>> # ./bootstrap
>> [...]
>> configure.ac:12: error: possibly undefined macro: m4_equote
> I am pretty sure you have checked out the code from the Git repository
> rather than using one of the packages. The problem is, the autotools
> (and VC++) build systems are auto-generated during the distribution
> preparation. So, for example, configure.ac in Git is a template that
> still has to be preprocessed.
> The easiest way to build ODB would be to use the distribution packages
> that we have prepared. Then you don't need to run bootstrap and can just
> go directly to configure and make. You can also check the INSTALL file
> for more information on this method.
> Alternatively, if you still want to use ODB from Git, then you can
> check the INSTALL-GIT file which describes how this can be done. Note
> that it requires quite a bit more initial setup compared to the first
> approach.
>> Is building on Debian supported or not?
> Yes, we make a complete Debian build from grounds up for every release.
>> I just upgraded my system from wheezy to Jessie because I suspected
>> that the required automake version is higher than my installed one
>> (Google suggested that to me).
> Actually, getting a combination of versions of autoconf, automake, and
> libtool that works reliably is quite tricky. The version of libtool that
> is available in Debian is very old and we use a newer version to prepare
> the release. That's why it is generally a good idea to avoid running
> bootstrap and rather use configure generated by the package maintainer.
> Boris

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