[odb-users] String Query

Tarik BENZ tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr
Wed Jun 12 09:38:41 EDT 2013

Yes sorry, I don't know why I wrote "OBD"!

I thing the best way to do what I want is to create a SQL Procedure.
Is it possible to call a procedure with ODB?


> Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 15:33:16 +0200
> From: boris at codesynthesis.com
> To: tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr
> CC: odb-users at codesynthesis.com
> Subject: Re: [odb-users] String Query
> Hi Tarik,
> Tarik BENZ <tenchu.tarik at hotmail.fr> writes:
> > I would like to use a select case query and I don't know how to perform
> > it with OBD.
> The CASE clause can appear in different places in the query. Can you show
> plain SQL version of what you are trying to execute with ODB? Note also
> that it is ODB, not OBD 
> Boris

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