[odb-users] Gentoo packages for ODB 2.2.0

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Feb 19 02:56:03 EST 2013


Hugo Mildenberger has packaged the complete ODB 2.2.0 system for
Gentoo and submitted the request for inclusion into the official
Gentoo repository:


If you are interested in using ODB on Gentoo, please consider voting
for it (requires login, next to the "Importance" field) and/or report
test results.

You can download all the packages as one archive via this link:


Hugo's instructions on how to build everything are below.


----- Forwarded message from Hugo.Mildenberger at web.de -----

Not included are other "ebuilds" or modifications to other ebuilds, simply
because these were created by other people:

1. a small modification to "oracle-instantclient-sqlplus" for 
   supporting the Oracle runtime on hardened Gentoo. On non-
   hardened platforms the Oracle backend should work out of 
   the box, because "oracle-instant-client-sqlplus" is 
   already part of the portage tree.

2. "sqlncli" for supporting MS SQL Servers. This package isn't 
    yet included in the portage tree. 

However, the files/patches needed to create or modify these packages are
available from Gentoo's bugzilla:




For those who can't wait for the official inclusion of odb, the easiest way is
to unpack the tar archive into a directory under the home directory, e.g. into

and then add the line


to /etc/make.conf . tar will create a directory tree starting with portage/
while unpacking the archive.

Knowing the root password you could then simply run

	$ sudo USE="postgres doc examples" emerge dev-db/odb

for getting the ODB compiler with the PostgreSQL runtime installed.

The odb-2.2.0 "ebuild" also supports the "test" option in FEATURES. Except for
the SQLite backend, the odb test suite may only complete successfully, if a
test database and a test user (+password) were created beforehand and if this
information was passed to the installer within the "EXTRA_ECONF" variable.


	$ sudo FEATURES="test" USE="mssql doc examples"\
          EXTRA_ECONF="--with-mysql-db=test --with-mysql-user=test"\
	  emerge dev-db/odb 

A bug in Portage (this one: https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=457508)
currently prevents the use of single quotes for protecting parameters in
EXTRA_ECONF containing blanks. So until the next version of sys-apps/portage
is available please don't try to put anything like "--with-mssql-user='I\'m a
Micrasaft user'" into EXTRA_ECONF, or else make will fail.

The "--with-.*" options are those defined by odb-tests-2.0.0/configure. In the
example above, if you had "postgres" in your USE flags (explicitly or
implicitly via make.conf) and forgot to mention any "--with-pgsql-.*" options,
the installation would abort early and show you a list of expected parameters

The mechanic behind this is implemented by a simplistic shell script, so don't
expect a wrong or missing user or database name, password or host to be
detected. The shell only checks if you mentioned at least one valid
"--with-${db}-.*" parameter, with ${db} being determined by the active USE
flags. It was implemented as a reminder only, because of the time needed to
finally reach the state when the particular test suite gets runnable.

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