[odb-users] schema_catalog

Sokolov, Vadim O. vsokolov at anl.gov
Thu Feb 7 15:34:36 EST 2013

Hi Boris,
Thank you for a quick reply. Here is our scenario, we have 3 sqlite databases (in 3 files and they correspond to 3 named schemas), I have a create_all_databases function this function creates a single odb::database (use ATTACH statement from sqlite) object through which a user can access any of the 3 databases seamlessly. However some of the applications might use just one or two out of tree databases and those will not appear in the in schema_catalog and I would get an exception.

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Hi Vadim.

Sokolov, Vadim O. <vsokolov at anl.gov> writes:

> I am using names schemas in my application and at run time, I would 
> like to know what schemas are defined in schema_catalog. Is there is 
> a way to do it?

No, not currently. While we can add this support, I am wondering
what's the use case? Is it something to do with dynamic loading
of the database support code (i.e., this way you can detect which
components have been loaded)?


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