[odb-users] unsigned long long not in C++98 standard

Ben Morgan neembi at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 08:40:29 EST 2013

Another bug report, I think...

>From the current Manual Section 3.11:

The erase_query() function has the following overloaded versions:

template <typename T>
unsigned long long
erase_query ();

template <typename T>
unsigned long long
erase_query (const odb::query<T>&);

However, this makes it not support C++98 correctly anymore [1].

Example: Compile any header like so:

odb -d pgsql -q --std c++98 myheader.hxx

and then with GCC:

gcc -Wall -Wextra -Werror -std=c++98 myheader-odb.cxx

and you get an error:

error: ISO C++ 1998 does not support 'long long' [-Werror=long-long]

Is this an intentional deviation?


1: See for example: http://david.tribble.com/text/cdiffs.htm

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