[odb-users] another test from odb-tests-2.1.1 fails with mariadb-5.5.28a

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Feb 5 09:06:40 EST 2013

Hi Hugo,

I reviewed the code involved one more time and I might have found
something that could cause this. Can you try these patches and
let me know if they help?

Boost: http://scm.codesynthesis.com/?p=odb/libodb-boost.git;a=patch;h=fa7c954409d6fa27440d965797f14c6c01397aee
Qt:    http://scm.codesynthesis.com/?p=odb/libodb-qt.git;a=patch;h=4503191a037be58e769613281f90efa5310e547e

If that doesn't help, then I will try to create a minimal test using
the C API that reproduces this issue.


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