[odb-users] another test from odb-tests-2.1.1 fails with mariadb-5.5.28a

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Feb 1 08:14:01 EST 2013

Hi Hugo,

Hugo.Mildenberger at web.de <Hugo.Mildenberger at web.de> writes:

> Yes. After having included the fix you provided for the QString/utf8 issue, 
> the test suite completed successfully with MariaDB 5.1.66.

Ok, so this seems to be MariaDB 5.5-specific. I just tried the tests
with the latest MySQL (5.5.29), that is, using both MySQL 5.5.29 (as
packaged by Debian) and libmysqlclient headers/libraries (as provided
by Oracle). Everything works fine.

So I tend to think this is either a MariaDB bug or a setup issue.
Regarding the possible setup issue, one thing that might be worth
checking is that you are using libmysqlclient from 5.5 as opposed
to 5.1. Though for me everything works fine with both 5.5 and 5.1


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