[odb-users] include odb/details/config.h on Windows / Eclipse CDT / MinGW ?

astek.rbasset astek.rbasset at tisseo.fr
Thu Dec 12 12:11:02 EST 2013

Hi Boris,

>> <includepath>D:\odb\odb-2.3.0-i686-windows\mingw\include</includepath>
> You should not include this directory. It is internal ODB compiler details.


>> My question : which conf should be preprocessed in config.hxx ?
> It should be autoconf-generated odb/details/config.h found in D:\odb\libodb-2.3.0. Have you actually built libodb for MinGW?

'should have actually read the INSTALL file... ;-)
I didn't notice that I had to build : libodb, sqlite, boost, libodb-sqlite, libodb-boost

And that's ok (compiled) !
Now trying to link... :-)

Thanks a lot.


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