[odb-users] include odb/details/config.h on Windows / Eclipse CDT / MinGW ?

astek.rbasset astek.rbasset at tisseo.fr
Thu Dec 12 05:46:04 EST 2013


  I'm trying to build C++ application with odb libs to access an sqlite DB.
I want it to be portable Linux / Windows.
Linux building is OK (different version of ODB / Boost, but same source)

On Windows XP, I'm using Eclipse (Kepler) CDT and MinGW as a compiler.

My includes are the following ones :
<language name="C++ Source File">
<includepath workspace_path="true">/PlanControle/includes</includepath>

I'm not compiling with MSVC, but I am on windows target.
My question : which conf should be preprocessed in config.hxx ?

#ifdef _MSC_VER
#  include <odb/details/config-vc.h>
#elif defined(ODB_COMPILER)
#  ...
#  include <odb/details/config.h>
#  ...

Do I need to define _MSC_VER ? ODB_COMPILER ?

Nowadays, building cannot find

I'm a bit confused...

Thanks for any help.


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