[odb-users] ODB segfaults in Qt profile

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Dec 6 11:20:51 EST 2013

Hi Scott,

Scott Deerwester <scott.deerwester at gmail.com> writes:

>     QSharedPointer<const ParentClass> parent_;>
> [...]
>     QMap<QString,QSharedPointer<const ChildClass> > children_;

I am pretty sure this is the same bug that was reported a few
days ago:


Can you try to remove the const's and see if it help. If it does then
there is a pre-release available with the fix:


Note that you will also need to update the runtime libraries (libodb,
etc) besides the ODB compiler.

Or, if you built the ODB compiler from source, you can apply the patch:



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