[odb-users] ODB pgsql compiling problem

Енакаев Алексей Aleksey.Enakaev at infotecs.ru
Fri Dec 6 01:27:34 EST 2013


First, I want to thank you for answers to our previous emails.

Now, I'd like to inform you about a problem we discovered.
If we describe some DB view in a separate file, then generate ODB code 
(files *.odb.cpp) and try compiling them we will get a compiler error 
message. (Note: it's all about pgsql code generation). Compiler says:

".../odb/pgsql/view-result.hxx:68:7: error: ‘view_traits_calls’ does not 
name a type"

Investigation we had taken showed that there was a private field 
view_traits_calls<view_type> tc_ added to class view_result_impl. Class 
declaration view_traits_calls<T> was found in odb/pgsql/traits-calls.hxx 
The problem has been solved after we added #include 
<odb/pgsql/traits-calls.hxx> to "odb/pgsql/view-result.hxx".
(Note: the same ODB code generated for the sqlite database is compiled 
without error.)

We suppose you'd like to know about this problem to fix it in next versions.

Best regards, Aleksey, Mikhail.

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