[odb-users] generate C++ code from existing db schema

Andrew Hoffmeyer andy.hoffmeyer at turnkeycorrections.com
Tue Aug 20 13:15:29 EDT 2013

like the subject says, I'm looking for a way to generate odb C++ code 
from an existing mysql schema.  I've looked at the documentation for the 
library, as well as the odb command line program, and can't find 
anything that explains how to do what I want.  from what I can see, odb 
seems to be designed to only utilize hand-written C++ code to talk to a 

to be very clear, I do not want to manually write C++ code and generate 
a db schema from it.  I'm looking for a way to do exactly the inverse.  
the database in question is very large, and has hundreds of tables, 
which I don't want to recreate by hand in C++.

thanks in advance.

Andrew Hoffmeyer
Software Developer/Network Administrator
Turnkey Corrections/Turnkey Software Solutions
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