[odb-users] odb-examples build

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Mon Apr 8 11:28:22 EDT 2013


CanisMajorWuff <canismajorwuff at gmail.com> writes:

> driver.o: In function `create_database(int&, char**)':
> d:\odb\try2\build\access/.././../odb-examples/access/database.hxx:66:  
> undefined reference to e8databaseC1ERiPPcbibRKSsNS_7details12transfer_ptrINS0_18connection_factoryEEE' 

It seems there is something really wrong with your MinGW. Sometimes
you can build things successfully but they don't run. Sometimes you 
get linker errors. Have you tried to build and run a simple "Hello,
World" program?

In any case, I just tried your exact steps and everything builds and
runs just fine. I used the MinGW/MSYS toolchain that comes with the
ODB compiler. Maybe you should try that too and see if you have better
luck. To start the terminal, run mingw/msys.bat file found in the ODB 
compiler directory. Another MinGW toolchain that we have tested ODB
with is the one that comes with the Qt Creator.


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