[odb-users] Pimpl + Relations

cetoni GmbH - Uwe Kindler uwe.kindler at cetoni.de
Tue Oct 2 08:38:59 EDT 2012

Hi Boris,

thank you - yes you are right, this was a mistake, but also with your 
suggestion it does not work here. I now have the following two lines in 
my code:

typedef boost::shared_ptr<CLens> LensPtr;
#pragma db member(Lens1) virtual(LensPtr) get(lens) set(setLens)
#pragma db member(Lens2) virtual(boost::shared_ptr<CLens>) get(lens) 

For the last line I get the ODB compiler error: name 'boost::shared_ptr' 
in db pragma virtual does not refer to a type
and for the second line of code I get the error:  error: modifier 
expression requires member type to be default-constructible

So does this mean I cannot use shared pointers in virtual members? Does 
this mean, I should use a shared CLens pointer only internally in my 
private class and use const CLens references in the access functions?

Thank you,


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