[odb-users] Is this possible?

Miguel Revilla Rodríguez yo at miguelrevilla.com
Thu Jun 28 08:51:26 EDT 2012


Going the single file way. Hope you get to fix it for the next round.
About the workaround, is not very useful for me as odb is run by cmake
and that would mean patching the file "by hand" a lot of times.


2012/6/28 Boris Kolpackov <boris at codesynthesis.com>:
> Hi Miguel,
> Miguel Revilla Rodríguez <yo at miguelrevilla.com> writes:
>> If both class declarations are in the same file (your first advice)
>> everything works fine.
> Yes, I tried both cases and indeed in the separate headers case the
> ODB compiler generates uncompilable code. I have an idea how we might
> be able to fix this and will try to do that for the next release.
> There is also a pretty easy workaround if you need the separate
> headers. You will need to comment out #include "group-odb.hxx"
> in node-odb.hxx and add that include to node-odb.cxx instead.
> Boris

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