[odb-users] query results not being cached?

Burton, Craig crburton at tnsi.com
Tue Jun 5 13:21:24 EDT 2012

Hi ODB Users,

I am not able to call "size()" on query results even if I try to use the "cache()" method on the results template.  Here's the code snippet:

auto_ptr<database> ora_db (create_database (argc, argv));
transaction t (ora_db->begin());
MyPersistentClass *n = new MyPersistentClass (i);

  cout << "About to call query..." << endl;
  query pred (query:: name == n->name());

  result r (ora_db->query<MyPersistentClass> (pred) );
  cout << "...back." << endl;

  if ( r.empty() == true )
    cout << "no instances found..." << endl;

  cout << "Query returned " << r.size() << " elements." << endl;
catch (const odb::exception& e)
  cerr << e.what () << endl;

This is the output:

About to call query...
no instances found...
Query returned query result is not cached

So, r.empty() works, but r.size() does not.  Is it possible to examine the size/count of the query result without iterating over it?

Thanks in advance,

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