[odb-users] clang says object_id is a dependent template name

Daniel James danielpeterjames at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 14:25:53 EDT 2012


Around line 176 in lazy-ptr.ixx, as per the code snippet below, (and
elsewhere), a recent clang is objecting* and suggesting that object_id
is a dependent template name in need of the template keyword being

  template <class T>
  template <class O>
  inline typename object_traits<O>::id_type lazy_ptr<T>::
  object_id () const
    typedef typename object_traits<T>::object_type object_type;

    return p_ ? object_traits<object_type>::id (*p_) : i_.template
object_id<O> ();

I haven't thought about this too carefully or investigated the types
or standard to see if I agree with the compiler. It is refusing to
compile at present though.

Thanks for any advice,


*screen shot attached
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