[odb-users] C++11 support

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Thu Feb 16 09:45:34 EST 2012

Hi Wesley,

Wesley Harris <wesmharris at gmail.com> writes:

> 2) The use of nested template types with out a space between the angle
> brackets. e.g. I want to use shared_ptr<vector<string>> rather than
> shared_ptr<vector<string>_> (underscore to emphasize the space)

This you can fix right now by passing -x -std=c++0x to the ODB compiler.
It will switch GCC the into C++11 mode. I just tried to compile all the
tests with this flag and aside from a simple shared_ptr ambiguity in the
common/lazy-ptr test everything compiles and runs just fine.

> 1) std::shared_ptr<T> (rather than std::tr1::shared_ptr<T>). I know that
> they're the same, but I don't like to have to use the tr1 namespace just
> for serialization code.

I could add support for std::shared_ptr (along with an ODB compiler option
for C++11, e.g., --std c++11) in the next couple of days. Would you be
interested to try it out?

> Thanks for the great library! I really think that it is the best out there
> as it is reasonably non-intrusive, and doesn't require hefty dependancies
> like Qt

Thanks, I am glad you like it. And thanks for the suggestions. C++11 is
definitely something we are planning to support so having someone actually
using ODB in this mode and giving us feedback is very much appreciated.


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