[odb-users] Support more then one database vendor in a single application?

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Tue Aug 28 08:22:45 EDT 2012

Hi Oded,

Oded Arbel <oded at geek.co.il> writes:

> The way I'm doing this is to have the model implementation hide all
> the queries and expose a business logic API to the rest of the system
> (as it is done in MVC). [...] The model implementation will be packaged
> with the ODB vendor-specific generated code into the vendor-specific
> DLL.

Yes, that will work. In other words, your "model implementation" will
wrap the ODB functionality which will not be exposed from the DLL.

> I've noticed that ODB code has a lot of LIBODB_EXPORT symbols all over
> the place - is thins something I can use to allow VC++ to compile ODB
> code into a DLL?

No, these are used from the libodb runtime DLL.

Note that if you use the above approach, you don't need to export any
ODB-generated code from the DLL. The only thing that you should export
is the business logic API.


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