[odb-users] ODB roadmap to 2.1?

Oded Arbel oded at geek.co.il
Sun Aug 12 05:52:48 EDT 2012

To ODB maintainers.

I'm considering using ODB to replace a custom database abstraction layer in
a high-risk project with a rather longish release cycle.

I'm wondering if I should use ODB 2.0 or should I wait for 2.1 (I'm
interested in custom type mapping and better Oracle support, but its not a
must for me), which mostly depends if I I can develop with the 2.1 alphas
now and have the 2.1 release in time for my release date - so my question
is, can you guys provide some info about the timeline for the 2.1 release?
I've looked on the web site and didn't see a roadmap document for ODB (I
may have missed it?)

Thanks in advance,

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