[odb-users] how to represent mysql timestamps?

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Fri Aug 3 06:59:10 EDT 2012

Hi Doug

Douglas Tomm <dctomm at gmail.com> writes:

> When i put this in my class:
>    #pragma db type("timestamp") not_null column("created")
>    boost::posix_time::ptime m_created;
> the following compiler messages appeared.

My guess is you didn't add the boost/date-time profile to your ODB
compiler command line (you will also need to link to the libodb-boost

odb ... -p boost/date-time ...

Remember that the database mapping for Boost types is provides by
the Boost profile. See Chapter 19, "Boost Profile" in the ODB
Manual for details.


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