[odb-users] Re: Executing a Query with cache = false is a reason segmentation fault

Вячеслав Спиридонов art at it-gen.net
Thu Sep 15 11:16:10 EDT 2011

Dear, Boris and odb-users

At the expense of UPDATE performance issue, at the moment I do not
make properly all tests.
When I have results, I will let you know.

Best regards,
Viacheslav and sba

15 сентября 2011 г. 17:13 пользователь Boris Kolpackov
<boris at codesynthesis.com> написал:
> Hi Viacheslav,
>> I'm suddenly faced with a segmentation fault.
> Fixed with the patch for libodb-mysql attached. Thanks for reporting
> this and for the good test case, much appreciated.
> BTW, have you had any more results for that primary key in UPDATE
> performance issue you've reported earlier? Does sending (unchanged)
> primary key really affects MySQL performance?
> Boris

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