[odb-users] Cannot create schema

Michał Snoch kontakt at msnoch.pl
Mon Oct 31 14:13:22 EDT 2011

Hi Boris,

When I try to run your test I'm getting

FATAL:  role "myky" does not exist

I don't remember if I told you before, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 whith g++ 

On 31.10.2011 14:24, Boris Kolpackov wrote:
> Hi Michał,
> Michał Snoch<kontakt at msnoch.pl>  writes:
>> I checked if my method is called more than once, but
>> unfortunately it is called once only. I'm now using 1.6
>> version of ODB. In earlier versions everything was ok.
> I created a test based on the header declarations you sent in your
> previous email. The test can be found here:
> http://codesynthesis.com/~boris/tmp/odb/test.tar.gz
> To build the test I used the following command lines:
> odb -d pgsql -p qt -p boost -s --schema-format embedded node.h
> odb -d pgsql -p qt -p boost -s --schema-format embedded departure.h
> odb -d pgsql -p qt -p boost -s --schema-format embedded connection.h
> g++ node-odb.cxx departure-odb.cxx connection-odb.cxx driver.cxx \
> -o driver -lodb-pgsql -lodb-qt -lodb-boost -lodb -lQtCore
> I then ran the driver like this (I use the odb_test user and database
> for ODB testing):
> ./driver --user odb_test --database odb_test
> The test runs without any problems. I then ran psql to verify that
> the Node table was created:
> psql --username=odb_test --dbname=odb_test
>> SELECT * FROM "Node";
>   id | street | name | lat | lon
> ----+--------+------+-----+-----
> (0 rows)
> I ran this test multiple times on both PostgreSQL 9.0 and 9.1 and
> never got the error that you are observing.
> Can you try this test in your setup and see if it works for you?
> Boris

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