[odb-users] Qt BLOB Support

Boris Kolpackov boris at codesynthesis.com
Wed Oct 26 10:16:58 EDT 2011

Hi Pascal,

Pascal Stoll <past0004 at stud.fh-kl.de> writes:

> The assert does nothing, but ich checked the size of both values.
> o1.data.size() was 6 and o2.data.size 0. So same problem. It writes
> the blob correct into the database, but when i try to read it out,
> it is always null.

I will need more information about your setup in order to try to reproduce
this problem. In particular:

* Operating system
* C++ compiler/version
* Database/version
* ODB version
* Qt version (if using)
* Boost version (if using)


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